Who we are

CDA gathers information, involves you in the process and keeps you informed every step of the way.

What we do

CDA determines what information is important to you and provides meaningful communications on a clear and frequent basis.

What makes us different

CDA offers expertise in multi-line and multi-jurisdiction claims.

Claims Direct Access has, to date, successfully resolved over 70,000 Property & Casualty claims and lawsuits. Our success is achieved by investigating facts, reporting the findings and recommending solutions while reducing time and costs. Claims Direct Access is known to be a trusted partner and # 1 Choice for Claims Management nationwide for over 25 years.

Why CDA?

CDA is committed to thorough and cost-effective resolutions through:

  • Handling every claim efficiently
  • Assigning our in-house legal team to take charge of discovery and investigation
  • Monitoring time and expenses
  • Providing quality communication regarding the disposition of the claim
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