Your trusted partner in managing property
and casualty claims and lawsuits



  • Able to manage coverage issues while simultaneously contesting liability and/or damages.
  • Able to manage multi-state and jurisdictional legal issues.
  • Successful in developing counterclaims and cross claims to assist with resolution of your claim.


  • Providing meaningful status updates
  • Negotiating claims to a fair and cost effective result
  • Attending mediations, settlement conferences, pre-trial conferences & trials


  • Stellar performance in claims management in specialty liability coverage
  • We handle all claims A-Z, both surplus lines and admitted, with few exceptions (like workers comp)

The Experience and Expertise of Claims Direct Access

Claims Direct Access is well equipped to handle your company’s claims process. Our team, comprised of experienced insurance professionals including attorneys, litigators, and adjusters, has skillfully managed tens of thousands of claims throughout the United States, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico to date. Since its inception, CDA has handled cases for major U.S. based carriers and top Lloyd’s syndicates in London. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in handling complex property and casualty claims is how we achieve superior claims results. Our proven track record in claims management can bring both expertise and experience to your company’s claims handling process.

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How Claims Direct Access is Different

We communicate with clients for the duration of the claims process.

Our team consists of highly skilled litigators with proven track records.

Our specialists handle claims across a wide variety of industries and policies.

We understand complex cases and routinely work on claims with big impact.

Our clients receive the same level of customer service regardless of claim size.

We are proactive in getting facts, handling cases expeditiously, and reaching a thoroughly investigated and fair outcome.

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Litigation History

Listed below are some of our notable court cases demonstrating that CDA
aggressively but fairly defends both policyholders and their insureds.

An image of a Truck moving down the road

Florida – Trucking – Defense Verdict

Plaintiff alleged that the insured’s trailer swerved into his lane, struck his vehicle which caused him to crash into the guardrail. Prior to trial, the plaintiff demanded $75,000 to settle the case. We did not make an offer. At trial, the evidence showed that the plaintiff did in-fact cause the accident. The jury came back with a defense verdict.

Texas – Night Club – Reversed verdict

Claim was made against our insured due to the death of a woman in a vehicle that was hit head on by a man (the “allegedly intoxicated person” or “AIP”) alleged to have been overserved while drinking there. The appellate court ruled that our insured did not violate the Safe Harbor provision of Texas dram shop laws and reversed the verdict, granting a judgment in favor of our insured and awarding us the costs incurred in filing the appeal.

Texas – Night Club – Reversed verdict

Areas of Expertise

CDA has a proven track record of success by collaborating and executing
at the highest level. Contact us now for more information on notable
cases that demonstrate our successful approach.

Liquor Liability
Liquor Liability
Small Businesses
Small Businesses
Commercial Auto
Commercial Auto/Motor
Commercial Liability
Commercial Liability
commercial property and inland marine
Commercial Property/Inland Marine
garage liability and towing
Garage Liability/Towing
special events
Special Events
professional liability and directors and officers liability
Professional Liability / D&O Liability

We Fight Frivolous Lawsuits