CDA has experience in many different insurance types. The list below is a partial list of the types of claims we have successfully managed. For a complete list, click here to view our Classes and Coverages Service List.

  • Commercial Auto
    Taxi Cabs
    Automobile/Motor Physical Damage
    Hired & Non-Owned
  • Garage Liability/Towing
    Repossession Companies
    Valet Parking
    Wrongful Repossession
    Automobile/Motor Dealerships
  • Professional Liability
    Medical Professionals
    Sexual Abuse & Molestation
  • Personal Lines
    Pet Owners
    Tenant Liability
  • Commercial Liability
    Amusements Industry
    Long Haul Trucking
    Motor Truck Cargo
    Product Liability
    Special Events Liability
  • Commercial Property/Inland Marine
    Builder’s Risk
    Bars and Taverns
    Liquor Liability
    Wind & Earthquake
  • Healthcare Services
    Medical Directors
    Nursing Homes
  • Aviation
    Pilot Liability
    Hangar Liability
    Aircraft Hull
    Non-Owned Aircraft Liability

In addition to excess and surplus lines expertise, we have decades of experience in providing claims services to Alternative Risk Groups, Associations, and Captives.