Success Stories

Litigation History

Each and every claim needs close attention, no matter how small. Below is a list of some
of the cases CDA has successfully participated in. To see a more extensive list, check out
our Litigation History PDF.

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An image of a Truck moving down the road

Florida – Trucking – Defense Verdict

Plaintiff alleged that the insured’s trailer swerved into his lane, struck his vehicle which caused him to crash into the guardrail. Prior to trial, the plaintiff demanded $75,000 to settle the case. We did not make an offer. At trial, the evidence showed that the plaintiff did in-fact cause the accident. The jury came back with a defense verdict.

Texas – Night Club – Reversed verdict

Claim was made against our insured due to the death of a woman in a vehicle that was hit head on by a man (the “allegedly intoxicated person” or “AIP”) alleged to have been overserved while drinking there. The appellate court ruled that our insured did not violate the Safe Harbor provision of Texas dram shop laws and reversed the verdict, granting a judgment in favor of our insured and awarding us the costs incurred in filing the appeal.

Texas – Night Club – Reversed verdict
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Colorado – Towing – Judgment in favor of defendant

The plaintiff alleged that defendant’s employees breached the peace while they were attempting to repossess her vehicle. The trial judge granted insured’s motion for directed verdict on all counts, entering a judgment in favor of the defendant and against the plaintiff, and dismissing the lawsuit, with prejudice.

Exotic Car Rental – Obtained great results

An exotic car rental company insured by us was sued in a Wrongful Death action. Plaintiffs’ estate alleged that our insured was independently liable for Plaintiffs’ damages, based on a theory of negligent entrustment and/or supervision of the exotic luxury vehicle that they had rented to a customer. We partnered with our insured to fight, ultimately obtaining a great result.

An image of an exotic car driving down the road
An image of a man skiing down a slope

Backcountry Skiing – Resolved Claim for Final Expenses

A backcountry skiing outfitter insured by Prime was involved in an avalanche where one of the participants was killed. With the Insured’s help, we were also able to reach out to the family of the deceased person and resolve the claim for the approximate cost of funeral and travel expenses.

Mississippi – Hurricane – Defense Verdict (First jury verdict in MS for Hurricane Katrina)

One of our policyholders believed he was being treated unfairly by us in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The jury unanimously agreed that we had been fair and rendered a defense verdict in our favor. This was the first jury verdict in Mississippi regarding Hurricane Katrina that was in favor of the insurance company.

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An image of a raft, whitewater rafting

California – Whitewater Rafting – Court agreed and upheld liability waiver

The plaintiff had drowned while participating on a guided whitewater rafting trip offered by an insured. We defended our insured by arguing that the liability waiver form signed by the plaintiff barred his recovery. The court agreed with us and upheld the liability waiver. That determination was later upheld on appeal, creating new case law in California regarding the effectiveness of signed pre-accident liability waiver forms.